The Best Way to Pack a Fancy Hat


If you like to wear hats that are a little fancier than baseball caps, travelling with them can be a good choice. It is imperative to pack your easily crushed in your suitcase.

When you want to take your fedora, bowler, or a sunhat in your travels, you can either wear them, carry them with you all the time, or pack them in the suitcase. They can be crushed pretty easily, however, ruining the hat. This trick, from Geneva Vanderzeil at the style blog A Pair & A Spare, can save the day. Roll or fold a sturdy clothing item and stuff it into the crown of your hat to support it. Then lay it flat on the bottom of your suitcase. Once you’ve done that, just start packing around it so nothing sits on top of the crown. When you get to your destination, your hat should be ready to wear.

Nowadays I’ve started collecting hat the way that other people collect shoes.

They’re the ultimate accessory to me, especially when travelling – nothing dresses up a simple outfit like a panama or a sun hat. I took not only one but three to Thailand recently and have to say they became my constant partner.

One of the biggest issues is how you actually transport the thing without it a) ending up looking like a flat crushed pancake if you just throw it in your suitcase or b) annoying you constantly if you take it as carry on or c) getting left behind at airport security. After a fair bit of trial and error I’ve proposed a way to get around the whole ‘do they still sell hat boxes’ conundrum. Read on to see how I go about it.

Wearing: Eugenia Kim Hat, One Teaspoon Shorts, Club Monaco shirt,  J Crew Bag and flats, Daniel Wellington Watch.

We have a roll up hat that’s awesome. It’s easy — the band is elastic, so you can just roll it up and put it in a tote. It’s our best seller. For things that are more structured, like a structured straw, or something that’s a little bit heavier like felt, I like to bring a tote on the plane with me and put the tote under the seat. I don’t put them in the overhead, because they get smushed around, so that’s how I travel with it. I don’t travel with hat boxes, because the round ones don’t fit in the overhead. I’ve carried big drums before when I’ve gone on meetings, and that’s awesome because you can check that and it’s not going anywhere but I wouldn’t anticipate that it’s something most people really want to travel with! The other trick that I have is if you have a hard suitcase you can put the hat upside down in your suitcase and put a t-shirt in the crown.